US Services

ProjeCS offers a customized set of services that vary according to each client’s needs.

We have navigated cases from beginning to end, overseeing the pre-design, design, and execution phases. We have also intervened in the middle or late stages of a case’s development and execution.


We provide solutions and power opportunities into success stories.

  • We tackle a variety of challenges

    Through our adaptability and expertise. ProjeCS' scope of work includes, and expands beyond, project management, cost management and digital solutions.

  • We provide expertise in a wide range of fields

    Our tried and tested methods help clients achieve desired milestones in all sorts of management and solution oriented project needs.

Project Management Services

Our tried and tested methods help clients achieve desired milestones.

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Cost Management Services

Our diversified industry knowledge helps clients mitigate risks.

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Digital Solution Services

We integrate this evolving knowledge into each aspect of our work.

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Project Management Services

Handling projects of varying sizes and scopes. Our project management services depend on the specific needs of each case.


Our expertise ensures that the cases we are involved in run smoothly.

Staff Augmentation

Recognizing high calibre talents and allocating them effectively.

Delay / Claims Analysis

Allocating responsibility and determining the cost of delays.

Project Coordination

Coordinating between different entities and teams simultaneously.

Cost Management Services

Our verified cost management services lead to reliable financial plans by laying down project road maps.

Earned Value Management

Predict the financial direction of a project based on project performance.

Estimation & Quantity Takeoffs

 To accurately estimate the costs, time, and resources needed for a project.

Digital Solution Services

ProjeCS’ digital solutions have been instrumental to overcoming clients’ traditional and modern challenges.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Revolutionizing the traditional design and construction process.

Laser Scanning

Providing time and cost saving solutions allowing for better planning.

Virtual Tours

Providing visualizations to experience projects long before their completion.