BIM Management

Providing customized Building Information Modeling (BIM) services based on project and client needs.

ProjeCS has established a division of experts dedicated to providing partners with a range of catered Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. We offer extensive support with multidimensional models, saving our clients time and resources in the process.

3D Building Information Modeling
Through 3D BIM, we provide all the necessary building information.
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4D Construction and Sequencing
The 4D model visually depicts construction progress at gradual phases of development.
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5D Quantities and Cost
Ensures optimum resources for design making, as well as potential revisions and alternatives.
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6D Sustainability & Building Lifecycle
The output enhances the monitoring and evaluation process following a project’s construction.
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Laser-Scan BIM
A reliable and sustainable 3-dimensional model that is both time-saving and cost effective.
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LEED Consulting
ProjeCS supports contractors to ensure that their projects receive LEED certification in multiple areas.
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Through 3D BIM, we provide all the necessary building information

Which includes architecture, construction, and utility based schematics. These elaborate models act as a road map for project management, with the potential to add several layers to the BIM model for a complete predictive assessment.

  • Architecture and Interiors

    ProjeCS’ BIM support helps architects and interior designers lay the foundations that future simulations will be based on. ProjeCS guides the process at each development phase, ensuring final design products of optimal quality.

  • Structural

    ProjeCS utilizes BIM technology to enhance construction to verify the constructability and performance of materials such as steel and concrete. This process integrates column size, structural openings, beam depths and clashes throughout the modeling process.


    MEP modeling factors in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of a project, as well as HVAC and fire protection. Our general MEP services include modeling, coordination, and clash resolution, as well as value engineering and design validation.



    4D BIM Services
    4D BIM Services
    Sequences integrate additional data into 3D BIM models, providing integral information to tracking a project’s development.
    5D Quantities & Cost
    5D Quantities & Cost
    Utilizing 5D BIM allows for accurate estimation of quantity needs and running costs based on a project’s current design.
    6D Sustainability Lifecycle
    6D Sustainability Lifecycle
    ProjeCS connects layered dimensions of data with 6D BIM, and adapts it to facility management and built asset operation.

    Laser scanning transforms the physical space into a digital one.

    Providing increased flexibility in design and additional methods for evaluation. Laser-scan BIM improves cohesion in the development process while reducing the risk of error.  Services include:

    • Pre-Fabrication Preparation

    • Steel Requirements Assessment


    ProjeCS incorporates its values of sustainability and environment friendliness into its LEED Consulting services.

    As with each aspect of our work, our partnerships extend beyond our clients’ certification. Overall performance of a project or building is key to maintaining Green Building standards.


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