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About Us

Projecs is a full service consulting firm offering a broad range of professional project control services.
Our services are offered to a broad range of organizations and companies from start-ups to multinationals.

We meet and exceed our clients' expectations by delivering the highest quality service in a timely fashion and efficient manner, at competitive rates. To accomplish this, we utilize our skilled professionals, driven by our core values in a versatile and sustainable environment.

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The success of every construction project begins in the pre-construction planning stages and continues onwards through the construction phase. Project monitoring and data analysis is crucial for measuring project’s progress and making informed decisions.

Our continuous growths, commitment to client satisfaction, and local experience have been our greatest assets. Communication with our clients enables us develop vast understanding of the complexities and various degrees of challenges faced. Then, through our dynamic team of professionals, our clients are assured that our value-added products meet the standards established for the project.

Our professional services provide General Contractors with the highest level of control over their project. Our team is relentlessly working towards expanding our range of services to be your firm of choice when it comes to integrated project controls.

Our solutions are delivered to the last mile of project execution in a timely fashion based upon Projecs’s effective and cost-efficient approach. We provide our service Nationwide through our dedicated professionals across the United States.

Our Philosophy

Since our clients entrust our deliverables, Projecs spares no effort in harmonizing its tightly knit framework of ethics, dedication, CORE values and integrity to appropriately employ our collaborative efforts within the right channels and to positively impact the project’s cross-platform interfaces at all levels.

Our CORE Values

Our values are the DNA that identifies us and define every decision we make and every step we take.

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    Commitment to Excellence

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